Modern Greek Studies Association

Boris Shoshitaishvili

Ph.D. Student
Stanford University
Department of Comparative Literature


M.A. University of Arizona Classics with an emphasis in Classical Philology, 2012

Sc.B. Brown University 2010

Principal Presentations and Publications

“On their knees: distal femur asymmetry in ungulates and its relationship to body size and locomotion", Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. (2nd Author, 2011)

"Thanatos to Charos: A Modern Greek Author's Adaptation of Death in Antiquity"
Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium 2011

Pigott Hall, Building 260
450 Serra Mall
Stanford, California 94305

Department Website
Areas of Specialization

Reception Studies

Homeric Epic

Poetry of Archaic Greece

Dissertation/Thesis working title and topic


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