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Symposium 2011 Schedule

Th · 3:30 - 5:00·Panel 1 Panel 2 ▼Opening Reception ▼
Violence and Community in Modern Greek Historiography and LiteratureKimmel 905

Organizer: Ipek A. Celik·Brown University

Chair: Dimitrios Kargiotis·University of Ioannina

Tatjana Aleksic·University of Michigan·“Sacrifice in the Foundation of Community Construction”

Ipek A. Celik·Brown University·“Narrating the Historical Massacres: The Cretan Revolts in Rhea Galanaki's Ismail Ferik Pasha"

5:00-5:30: Break

5:30-7:30·Panel 2
Library Collections and Bibliographic ProjectsKimmel 905:

Organizer Harold M. Leich·Library of Congress

Chair: Rhea K. Lesage· Harvard University.

Michaela Karampini-Iatrou· Athens, Greece·The Multiple Uses of Cavafy's Library"

Dia M. L. Philippides·Boston College·“Found In Translation: Modern Greek Literature Without Borders"

Anthony J. Oddo ·Yale University·“The Development of Modern Greek Collections at Yale University Library”

Harold M. Leich·Library of Congress·“Developments in Modern Greek Collection Development and Service to Scholars at the Library of Congress, 2006-2010”

Religious Practices and the Discourses of Identity and MoralityKimmel 909

Chair: Katherine Fleming· New York University

Evdoxios Doxiadis·International Center for Greek and Mediterranean Studies·“A Question of Equity? The Value of Female and Male Virginity in Late 18th and Early 19th Century Athens”

Michael Ferguson·McGill University·“The Tomb of St. Polycarp and the Overlap of Religious Practices in Late Ottoman Izmir”

Merih Erol·Princeton University·“Piety, Ethics, and Tradition in Late 19th – Early 20th Century Greece ”

Effi Gazi·University of the Peloponnese·"Πατρίς, Θρησκεία, Οικογένεια ( "Fatherland, Religion, Family"): Exploring the History of a Catchphrase in Greece (1880-1930)”

Fashioning the National NarrativeKimmel 907

Chair: Larry Wolff· New York University

Steven Van Renterghem· University of Ghent·“Romantic Fiction and the Construction of Greek Identity: Korais Inspiring the Soutsos Brothers”

Danai Otatzi·Lyon University III·“Interpreting the Past Through Nature: National Landscapes Formed by the Old and the New Athenian School”

Gerasimus Katsan·Queens College, CUNY·“Conjuring the Nation: Superstition in Folkloric Realism and Local Color”

Will Stroebel·University of Michigan·“Aping Europe: Mimesis and Mimicry Along the Periphery”

Looking at Greece: the View from the US and the UKKimmel 912

Chair: Phillip Mitsis·New York University

Despina Lalaki·New York University·“Corporate Philanthropy and Civic Culture: The Ford Foundation in Greece”

Anna Karakatsouli·National and Kapodistrian University of Athens·“The "Liberal International" of the Early 1820s: A Vehicle for Modernity or/and a Source of Antagonism? A Comparative Study of the Philhellenes”

Georgios Giannakopoulos· Queen Mary, University of London·“British Visions of Hellenism in Times of War: The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the British School at Athens (1912-1922)”

Opening Remarks, Award Ceremony, and Reception
Rosenthal Pavilion·Kimmel Center·10th Floor

  • Edmund Keeley Book Prize
    Neni Panourgia·Columbia University
  • Elizabeth Constantinides Memorial Translation Prize
    Gonda Van Steen·
    University of Florida
  • John O. Iatrides Best Dissertation Prize
    Kyriakos Nalmpantis·
    Kent State University
  • Graduate Student Essay Prize
    Will Stroebel ·
    University of Michigan

Musical Performance by Helias Makrynos, Angelique Mouyis,
Tassos Papaioannou and Nikos Tsakalakos

Fri · 8:30-10:30·Panel 3· Panel 4 ▼· Panel 5 ▼· Panel 6 ▼· Keynote ▼
Ideological Aspects of Language Use and Language Policy in CyprusKimmel 905

Organizer: Elena Ioannidou·University of Cyprus

Chair: Brian Joseph·Ohio State University

Christiana Themistocleous·University of Reading&Andry Sophocleous·University of Nicosia·
“Dialect Writing in Cyprus: Usage, Ideology and Implications for Language Policy”

Elena Ioannidou·University of Cyprus·“The Greek Cypriot Dialect as a Marker of the "Self" and the "Other" Among a Group of Turkish Cypriots”

Xenia Hadjioannou·Pennsylvania State University·“Dialect Awareness as a Tool for Fostering Critical Literacy Skills"

George Floros·University of Cyprus·“Towards 'Cypriotization': Media Translation and Local Terminology as Identity Markers”

Narrative Representation of the Greek Civil War in Post-WWII Writing.Kimmel 907

Organizer: Ulrich Moennig·University of Hamburg

Chair: Gerasimus Katsan·Queens College, The City University of New York

Ulrich Moennig·University of Hamburg·“Trauma Fiction, Fictions of Memory: An introduction to the Panel and a Case Study”

Athanasios Anastasiadis·University of Hamburg·“Trauma Fiction, Postmemory and the Case of Nikos Davvetas' Η Εβραία νύφη

Kerstin Jentsch-Mancor·Mc Gill University·“Historical Metafiction: Nikos Davvetas' Novel Λευκή πετσέτα στο ρινγκ –a Subversive Truth”

Thomas Kyriakis·University of Hamburg·“Memory and Trauma in Non Fiction: Facing the Sheer Quantity of Testimonies and the Case of Kostas Kapopoulos' Αναμέναμε το θάνατο

The Politics of Visual and Cultural RepresentationKimmel 912

Chair: Joy Connolly·New York University

Katerina Zacharia ·Loyola Marymount University·“A Trip to Greece of All Ages: Staging the Glory of Greece at the 1939 New York World's Fair

Sophia Handaka ·Benaki Museum·“Museum Theory and Practice in a Multicultural Context: The Case of the Benaki Museum, Athens”

Konstantinos Kalantzis· Princeton University·“Visualising Highland Crete: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete”

Christos Pallas·University of Essex·“Filoxenia Under Threat...: Security, Migration and Culture at the Margins of Europe ”

Immigrant NarrativesKimmel 909

Chair: Artemis Leontis·University of Michigan

Kostis Karpozilos·Athens, Greece·“Ethnic Success in Times of Social Crisis”

Giorgos Tsimouris· Panteion University of Social and Political Science·“Reflections on Overseas Transnational Action of Post-war Greek Immigrants: The Case of Lemnos”

Evangelia Kindinger· Ruhr-University of Bochum·“A Fundamental Investment in a Homeland: Return Journeys in Greek-American Personal Narratives”

Melissa Nelson· University of Virginia·“Bringing Home Hellenism: 2nd Generation Return Migration and the Renegotiations of Local Greek Identity”

10:30-11:00·CoffeeKimmel 906

11:00-1:00·Panel 4
Critical Reorientation of Left Party Politics Kimmel 912

Chair: Nicholas Alexiou·Queens College, CUNY.

Katerina Labrinou·Panteion University of Social and Political Science·“Epistemic Communities and Left Party Politics: Between Integration and Radical Modernization”

Yiannis Balampanidis· Panteion University of Social and Political Science·“The Greek Left from National to Transnational Politics”

Christina Delistathi· Middlesex University·“Securing the Monopoly of Marxist Theory: Political Struggle and the Translations of the Communist Manifesto"

Leonidas Karakatsanis· University of Essex·“Deferring Frontiers: Spectres of the Left and the Greek-Turkish 'Politics of Friendship'”

Poetics I: New Readings on Seferis Kimmel 905

Chair: Peter Bien·Dartmouth College

Polina Tambakaki·King's College London·“Seferis' Modernist Commitment and the Figure of Elpenor”

Jennifer Kellogg· Université Libre de Bruxelles·“Homeric Light as Revelation in the Poetry of George Seferis”

Greek as a Foreign and as Second LanguageKimmel 907

Chair: Elsa Amanatidou· Brown University

Mika Tsekoura·University of Pennsylvania ·“Using Second Life for Enhancing Language Teaching”


Organized Panel:Teaching Greek as a Second Language—The Phonetic Side.

Organizers: Brian Joseph·Ohio State University &Christopher Brown·Ohio State University

Amalia Arvaniti·University of California, San Diego·“The Role of Prosody in Achieving Communicative Competence in L2 Greek"

Brian D. Joseph·Ohio State University·“On the Need for Phonological Dialect Awareness for Students of Modern Greek”

Stavroula Tsiplakou·Open University of Cyprus &Evanthi Papanicola·Open University of Cyprus “Teaching Standard and Non-standard Greek Phonology for the Purposes of Emergent Literacy in a Dialect-speaking Context"

Christopher Brown·Ohio State University·“Phonology in the Classroom”

Greeks in the Americas Kimmel 909

Chair: Martha Klironomos·San Francisco State University

Chris Grafos·York University·“Enforcing the Canadian Mould: Perceptions of Greek Iron Curtain Refugees, 1952-1958”

Nicholas Kalogerakos ·University of Oxford·“The Greek-Canadian Community of Toronto and Canada's Multiculturalism Policy, 1971-1981”

Taso G. Lagos· University of Washington·“From Poor Greek Refugee to 'Scandalous' Hollywood Mogul: Alexander Pantages, Immigration, and the Attacks of William Randolph Hearst's Los Angeles Examiner"


3:00-5:00·Panel 5
Identity in Diasporic CommunitiesKimmel 912

Chair: Gregory Jusdanis·Ohio State University

Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei· North Park University·“The Hellenic Influence in Southern Italy: Examining the Griko Identity”

Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos· Kehila Kedosha Janina Museum·“"Greek-Jewish Immigration to New York City"

Theodora Dragostinova·Ohio State University·“To Stay or To Go: The Bulgarian Greeks Between Home and Homeland in the Interwar Years”

Retrospective on Dan GeorgakasKimmel 905

Organizer: Peter Bratsis·University of Salford

Chair: Constantine Hatzidimitriou·St. John's University

Nicholas Alexiou· Queens College, CUNY·“The Sociological Imagination of Georgakas and the Greek-Americans”

Eric Poulos·New York·“Georgakas and the History of the Greek-American Left”

Peter Bratsis·University of Salford·“Georgakas as Organic Intellectual of the Working Class”

Reconsidering "Agora:" Neoliberalism, Citizenship,Kimmel 907
and the Remaking of Modern Athens

Organizers: Heath Cabot· College of the Atlantic & Othon Alexandrakis· Trent University

Chair: Despina Margomenos·University of Michigan

Heath Cabot·College of the Atlantic·“Nostalgia, Intimacy, and (Il)legality in the Desire Economies of Athens”

Othon Alexandrakis·Trent University·“Migrant Women Making Greeks: Exploring Belonging and the New Politics of Citizenship in Greece”

Aimee Placas·College Year in Athens·“The Limits of 'the Consumer' in Understanding 'the Market' ”

Tracy A. Rosen·University of Chicago·“Macedonia is Greek Chinese! Reconstituting the National Self in a Chinese Market”

Literary Dialogues, Comparative ReadingsKimmel 909

Chair: Stathis Gourgouris·Columbia University

Mary Pittas-Herschbach·University of Maryland·“Classical Tradition and Modern Greek Drama: The Case of Marios Pondikas”

Boris Shoshitaishvili·University of Arizona·“Thanatos to Charos: A Modern Greek Author's Adaptation of Death in Antiquity”

Sophie Iakovidou·Democritus University of Thrace·“The Author as Reader: The Case of Margarita Karapanou”

Lissi Athanasiou Krikelis·The Graduate Center, CUNY·“Twisting the Story: Metaautobiographical Fiction in Margarita Karapanou's Rien ne va plus and Amanda Michalopoulou's Θα Ήθελα

5:00-5:30·CoffeeKimmel 906

5:30-7:00: Panel 6
The Languages Question: Translation Politics and the Modern Greek CanonKimmel 905

Organizer: Karen Emmerich·University of Cyprus

Chair: Karen Van Dyck· Columbia University

Karen Emmerich·University of Cyprus·“Solomos At Home and Abroad"

Emmanuela Kantzia·College Year in Athens·“French Kissing in the Mother Tongue"

Kathryn Stergiopoulos·Princeton University·“'It is Hard to Stand Firm in the Middle': Seferis Anti-writing Ezra Pound"

Migrants in GreeceKimmel 907

Chair: Thomas Gallant· University of California, San Diego

Aliki Angelidou· Panteion University of Social and Political Science·“Female Migration, Empowerment and Precarious Work in Bulgaria and Greece: Taking the Lead from the Case of Konstadina Kuneva ”

Alexandra Zavos & Nelli Kambouri· Panteion University of Social and Political Science·'Ellinides, Ellines, Eimaste ta Paidia Sas, Theloume ta Dikaiomata Mas!' Performative Acts of Citizenship and the Social Poetics of Women Migrants' Activism in Greece”

Emilia Salvanou· National and Kapodistrian University of Athens·“Narratives of Belonging in Muslim Athens”

Literary experiments, Questions of GenderKimmel 912

Chair: Laura Slatkin·New York University

Patricia Felisa Barbeito·Rhode Island School of Design·“Politics as Performance? The Role of the Artist in Elias Maglinis's The Interrogation"

Elisavet Pakis·Manchester, UK·“Playing in the Dark: Staging 'Lesbian Blues', Questioning the Borders of Gendered Belonging”

Reguina Hatzipetrou-Andronikou·École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris·“Greek Popular Music in the 80's; A Gender Analysis of the Magazine Ntefi"

Nation and State-building in Eastern MediterraneanKimmel 909

Organizer: Katherine Fleming· New York University

Chair: Sakis Gekas·York University

Katherine Fleming·New York University·“Small States with Big Histories: the Language of Exceptionalism in Greek and Israeli Nation-building”

Nikolas Kyriakou· European University Institute·“The Birth of a Republic but Not of a Nation: The Case of State-building and Nation-building in Cyprus”

Giorgos Antoniou·International Hellenic University·“Nationalism, Nation-building and Street Naming in Greece and Israel”

7:00-7:30·Break·Kimmel 906

7:30-9:00·Keynote PanelRosenthal Pavilion Kimmel Center 10TH Floor
"Greece in Crisis"

Efi Avdela·University of Crete·“Gender in the Crisis; or What Happens to 'Women' During Hard Times”

Aristides Baltas·National Technical University of Athens· “Greece and Its 'Myth': Between Theory and Strategy”

Chair: Liana Theodoratou, New York University

Sat · 8:30-10:30·Panel 7· Panel 8 ▼· Special ▼· Panel 9 ▼· Panel 10 ▼
Poetry at the Interstices of Politics and AestheticsSilver 704

Chair: Eduardo Cadava·Princeton University

Maria Antonopoulou·University of Birmingham·“Exploring Kostas Varnalis' Approach to Socialist Realism: a Comparison with Bertolt Brecht's Theory”

Alexis Radisoglou·Columbia University·“It's 1989…: Historical Aposiop(oi)esis in the Late Poetry of Yannis Ritsos and Heiner Müller”

Annika Demosthenous·University of Oxford·“The Spectre of Nationalism in the Work of Kyriakos Charalambides”

Home and Belonging: The Precarious Space of Minority CommunitiesSilver 701

Chair: Tassos Anastassiadis·McGill University

Andrew P. McCormick·Centre des Études Balkaniques, INALCO·“Caught in the Crossfire: the Latin Community of Naxos in Post-Independence Greece”

Katerina Lagos· California State University, Sacramento·“Hellenization and Interwar Greece”

Christos Iliadis· University of Essex·“The Emergence of the Post-war Minority Policy in Greek Thrace”

Onur Yildirim & Gulen Gokturk· Middle East Technical University·“The Karamanlides in Modern Turkish Historiography”

Space and Identity in Greek CinemaSilver 705

Chair: Vangelis Calotychos·Columbia University

Panayiota Mini·University of Crete· Macedonian Wedding (1960): Takis Kanellopoulos's Film Reconstruction of Northern Greek Wedding Rituals”

Erato Basea·University of Oxford·“In Search of an Author in 1960s Greece: Literature, Filmmaking and the Formation of the Cinema d'Auteur”

Harry Karahalios·Duke University·“Global Cities, Differential Peripheries: European Cinema and Urban Cities in Transition”

Frank Hess·Indiana University ·“Civilization and the Nation in Costas Ferris's Rembetiko and Tassos Boulmetis's A Touch of Spice”

Nationalist Rhetoric in Greece and CyprusSilver 706

Chair: Victor Papacosma·Kent State University

Savvas Voutyras·University of Essex·“The 6th Grade History Textbook Incident and the Logics of Self-victimization: A Critical Approach to the Articulation of Nationalism and Education in Greece”


Organized Panel: Re-inventing the Past: Patterns of Nationalism in the 50s and 60s in Greece and Cyprus

Organizer: Sia Anagnostopoulou

 Nikos Christofis· Leiden University·“Re-interpreting the Past Through the Looking-glass: The 1821 Greek Revolution in the Rhetoric of the United Democratic Left"

Ellada Evangelou·Cyprus University of Technology·“For the virtuous, the greatest joy is to die for one's country", says  Socrates, drinking from the chalice: Aspects of Nationalist Rhetoric in Greek-language Historical Plays in the 1950s and 1960's"

Amaryllis Logotheti· École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris·“'Honor Our Glorious Past': Representations of the Nation in the Discourse of a Religious Brotherhood in Greece”

10:30-11:00·CoffeeSilver 710

11:00-1:00·Panel 8
Thessaloniki, Nicosia and BeyondSilver 701

Chair: Elizabeth Davis·Princeton University

Shai Srougo· University of Haifa·“Core-Periphery Structure in the Greek National Sphere: Changes in the Strategic Position of Thessaloniki: 1912-1936”


Organised Panel: Artistic Topographies, the City of Nicosia and Beyond..

Organizer: Maria Hadjipolycarpou·University of Michigan

Vangelis Calotychos·Columbia University & Matthew Gumpert ·Bosphorus University·
“Size Matters: Statuary/Statutory Representations of Makarios and Atatürk on Cyprus”

Maria Hadjipolycarpou·University of Michigan·“Opposing History: Nicosia, the Prosopography of a City”

Chrystalleni Loizidou·Cyprus University of Technology·“A Bust Busted: Cypriot Hellenism and the Commemoration of Archibishop Kyprianos Across the 20th Century”

Globalization and Heritage Beyond "Marbles Lost"Silver 704

Organizer: Despina Margomenou·University of Michigan

Chair: Georgios Anagnostou·Ohio State University

Despina Margomenou·University of Michigan &Faidra Papavasiliou·Georgia State University·
“PIIGS and Ancestors in Times of Crisis: Reimagining Heritage, Tradition, and Community in 21st Century Greece”

Rossitza Schroeder·Pacific School of Religion·“A Disappearing Byzantine Heritage: The Church at Boiana”

Lauren T. Talalay·University of Michigan·“Hellas Essentialized: Images Of Greek Archaeology and Mythology In the Marketplace”

Artemis Leontis·University of Michigan·“The Look of Greek: Tangled Threads in 20th-Century Heritage Debates”

Stage and Camera Games in Contemporary Greek Cinema and TheatreSilver 705

Organizer: Vassiliki Rapti·Harvard University

Chair: Gonda Van Steen·University of Florida

Ioanna Lekkakou·Greek Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning·“The Notion of Games in Andreas Staikos's Plays”

Demos Tsigkakos ·Freelance Performer·“The Paradox in Stage Games”

Vassiliki Rapti·Harvard University·“Children's Games in the Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos”

Stamos Metzidakis ·Washington University in St. Louis· “Having No Bones To Pick With Dogtooth

Greece in the 1940sSilver 706

Chair: Lidia Santarelli·New York University

Esra Danacioglu Tamur· Yildiz Teknik University·“Again in Asia Minor: Greek Refugees in Turkey During World War II”

Kyriakos Nalmpantis· Kent State University·“Ideology and the Special 'Logic' of Violence in Civil and Uncivil War: The Case of Axis-Occupied Greece”

Loring Danforth· Bates College &Riki Van Boeschoten·University of Thessaly·“The Politics of Memory and the Greek Civil War”

Neni Panourgia·Columbia University·“'For Three Days and Three Nights…" Women, Political Persecution, Radical Kinship”


1:30-2:45·Special Lunch Event
The Place of Literature in Modern Greek StudiesSilver 701

Organizer/Chair: Gregory Jusdanis·Ohio State University

Participants: Stathis Gourgouris·Columbia University

Martha Klironomos·San Francisco State University

Maria Koundoura·Emerson College

3:00-5:00·Panel 9
Affective Networks: Perspectives on Technoculture Silver 706
and the Politics of Affect in Contemporary Greek Society

Organizer: Penelope Papailias·University of Thessaly

Chair: Neni Panourgia· Columbia University

Penelope Papailias· University of Thessaly·“Loving the Unloved City: Mobilizations of Affect among Athens' Digital Citizens”

Mitsos Bilalis·University of Thessaly·“Affective Histories on Affective Networks: Exploring Contemporary Greek Historical Culture on the Web”

Petros Petridis·Panteion University of Social and Political Science·“Greek Peer-to-Peer Networks: File Sharing, Intellectual Property and the Sense of Debt”

New Voices in Greek Cinema: Strella and BeyondSilver 704

Chair: Frank Hess·Indiana University

Anastasia Diakaki·New York University·“Strella's Home”

Akis Gavriilidis· Brussels, Belgium·“Queering the Family and the Nation: Sexual Labor and Social Poetics in Strella"

Liana Mesaikou· Athens, Greece·“New Emerging Voices in the Landscape of Greek Cinema: Challenging the Father”

Poetics II: Form and NationSilver 705

Chair: George Syrimis· Yale University

Maria Boletsi·Leiden University·“Affective Operations and the Performance of Irony in the Poetry of C.P. Cavafy”

Martin McKinsey·University of New Hampshire·“Cavafy's 'Dangerous Supplement'”

Dimitrios Kargiotis·University of Ioannina·“Form and Circumstance: On Occasional Poetry”

Eleni Tzatzimakis·National and Kapodistrian University of Athens·“Transnational Elements in Contemporary Women's Poetry”

Greece Today Silver 706

Chair: Neovi Karakatsanis·Indiana University , South Bend

Michael Nevradakis·University of Texas·“The Greek News Blog Phenomenon: Troktiko and the Rise and Fall of the Fifth Estate”


Organized panel: Some Debts Are Bigger Than Others. Non-economic Approaches to a Very Political Crisis

Organizer: Sakis Gekas· York University

Nikos Skoutaris·Maastricht University &Vassilis P. Tzevelekos·University of Hull·
“From Popular Sovereignty to Sovereign Debts: A Socio-Legal Perspective”

Elias Dinas·University of Oxford·
“Exit, Voice and Conspiracy: The Political Implications of the Crisis for the Greek Youth”

Sakis Gekas· York University & Stathis Georgiadis·European University Institute·
"Sisyphus and the Middle Class. The Greek Bourgeoisie During the Economic Crises of 1890s and 1930s"


5:30-7:30·Panel 10
Foreign PolicySilver 701

Chair: Vassilis P. Tzevelekos·University of Hull

Athanasios Grammenos· University of Macedonia·“The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North & South America in US and Greek Foreign Policy: The Case of Archbishop Iakovos”


Organized Panel: Change and Continuity in Greek Foreign Policy

Organizer: Aristotle Tziampiris· University of Piraeus

Aristotle Tziampiris· University of Piraeus·“The Emerging Israeli-Greek Alliance: Balancing in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Vassiliki Chatzipetrou·University of Piraeus·“Greek Foreign Policy Towards the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), 1992-2010: An Approach of Constructivist Realism”

Foteini Asderaki· University of Piraeus·“Developing Polyarchy? The New EU Foreign Policy Architecture after Lisbon Treaty and the Implications for Greece”

Ourselves and OthersSilver 704

Chair: Effie Rentzou· Princeton University

Etienne Charriere·University of Michigan·“'We Must Ourselves Write About Ourselves': Identities in Crisis in Stephanos Xenos' Devil in Turkey (1851)”

Katerina Blavaki·University of Crete·“Fictionalization of the Roma in Modern Greek Literature”

Álvaro García· Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas·“The Son of the Vampire: Greece and the Economy of Revenance”

Paschalina Domouxi· University of Birmingham·“Politics and Narrative Experimentation in Mimika Kranaki's Philellines”

Junta AestheticsSilver 705

Organizer: Dimitris Antoniou·University of Oxford

Chair: Kostis Kornetis· Brown University

Stefanos Tsivopoulos·ISCP NY (International Studio Curatorial Program)·"Untitled (The Remake)

Dimitris Antoniou·University of Oxford &Kostis Velonis·University of Thessaly·“The Nations Vow: Part I (ethnographic essay) and Part II (photographic essay)”

Contested Spaces: Culture, History, EthnicitySilver 706

Organizer/Discussant: Michael Herzfeld·Harvard University

Chair: Peter Allen·Rhode Island College

Elena Mamoulaki·National Technical University of Athens·“The House of the Scorpions: Contesting Collective Memory in the Planning of a Local Museum”

Toby Lee·Harvard University·“Projected Spaces: Re-imagining Thessaloniki Through its Film Festival in Times of Crisis”

8:30 • Musical Performance

DROM, 85 Avenue A, New York, NY (Between 5th and 6th Streets)
The Hadzidakis/Theodorakis Songbooks • Lina Orfanos & The Poetica Ensemble
Tickets must be purchased beforehand for $20 online at:
or by phone: 212-777-1157

The MGSA Business Meeting will take place at the Silver Center, Rm. 414, 100 Washington Square East, on Sunday October 16, 9:00-10:00 am.
Meeting open to all MGSA members.