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Dr. Antonis Danos

Associate Professor in Art History and Theory

Cyprus University of Technology

Department of Fine Arts


PhD Art History and Theory, University of Essex, UK, 2001

MA Art History and Theory, University of Essex, UK, 1996

Graduate Diploma, History of Art and Architecture, University of East Anglia, UK, 1995

BSc Philosophy – History, Southeast Missouri State University, USA, 1988

Principal Publications

Antonis Danos, “Idealist ‘grand visions’, from Nikolaos Gyzis to Konstantinos Parthenis: the unacknowledged symbolist roots of Greek modernism.” In Michelle Facos and Thor Mednick, eds., Reassessing the Symbolist Roots of Modernism (Ashgate, 2015): 11-22

Antonis Danos, “Twentieth-Century Greek Cypriot Art: An ‘Other’ Modernism on the Periphery.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies, vol. 32, n. 2 (October 2014): 217-252.

Klitsa Antoniou and Antonis Danos, “‘Writing Trauma:’ Giving Voice to a Wound that Seems to Defy Representation, in Contemporary Cypriot Art.” Intervalla: platform for intellectual exchange, vol. 2, “Trauma, Abstraction, and Creativity” (2014): 34-54.

Antonis Danos, “Hybrid Landscapes and Soundscapes, and the Ideologies of Borders.” In Denise Robinson, ed., Through the Roadblocks: Realities in Raw Motion (Limassol, 2014): 187-194.

Antonis Danos, "The Little Land Fish: experiencing place, homeland, and identity in an exhibition of contemporary Cypriot art". Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing (2011).

Antonis Danos, research and script, Yannis Yapanis, photography direction–cinematography, Christoforos Savva 1924–1968. Documentary (Cyprus University of Technology and The Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus, 2011)

Antonis Danos, editor–texts, The Times of Cyprus. Exhibition Catalogue (Limassol: ΕΚΑΤΕ, Ministry of Education and Culture, and Cyprus University of Technology, 2010).

Antonis Danos, Tonia Loizou, Cypriot Artists: the second generation. Edited by Antonis Danos. 2 vols. (Nicosia: The Cultural Centre of the Marfin Laiki Bank, 2009).

Antonis Danos, editor and main text, Renos Stefani: 'Acrobats' (Nicosia: Pantheon Publishing, 2008).

Antonis Danos, "Contesting spaces and identities: Klitsa Antoniou's All This Is MINE," I Linguaggi del Mediterraneo: La Parola Come Segno (Torino: EnPleinAir, 2007), n. pag.

Antonis Danos, The Human Figure in Modern Cypriot Art – the first generations. Exhibition Catalogue (Nicosia: Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation & the Ministry of Education and Culture, 2006).

Antonis Danos, editor and introductory text, Somatópia: Mapping Sites, Siting Bodies (Nicosia: Ministry of Education and Culture, 2005).

Antonis Danos, Gender Explorations. Exhibition Catalogue (Nicosia: Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, 2004).

Antonis Danos, editor and main text, The Languages of Gender. Exhibition Catalogue (Nicosia: University of Cyprus, 2003).

Antonis Danos, "Nikolaos Gyzis's The Secret School and an Ongoing National Discourse." Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, vol. 1, n.2 (Autumn 2002): .

Antonis Danos, "The culmination of aesthetic and artistic discourse in 19th-century Greece: Periklis Yannopoulos and Nikolaos Gyzis." Journal of Modern Greek Studies, vol. 20, n.1 (May 2002):75–112.

Cyprus University of Technology
P.O. Box 50329,
Limassol 3603, Cyprus

☎ +357-25002553

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Areas of Specialization

Nationalism and post-colonialism

Collective identities

Modern Greek and contemporary Cypriot art

Art criticism and historiography

Issues of gender and sexuality in art.

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