Modern Greek Studies Association

Accessing the Past 50 Years of the MGSA

The MGSA archives reside at the Princeton University Library. They are accessible to researchers who make arrangements with the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Some boxes, however, remain closed until a certain time limit has passed. For more information, please consult the Princeton University library catalog under “Modern Greek Studies Association archives” and especially the “finding aid”.

A brief history of the founding of the MGSA, revised on the occasion of the association's 20th anniversary (1968-1988), is available here.

The Minutes of the MGSA Executive Board Meetings and Business Meetings from 2011 on have been made available on a password-protected part of the JHUP website, accessible to all MGSA members. If you are a member, click here to access our minutes.

Here are the lists of members who have served as the JMGS editors, as MGSA Presidents and Executive Directors or as Executive Board members.

The programs of the MGSA Symposia of the past nearly five decades are available here.

The MGSA published its first, hard-copy Bulletin in June 1969. Several universities in the United States and Canada have included more than four decades worth of hard-copy issues of the Bulletin in their collections (1969-2011, ISSN 0047-7702, call No PA 1001.B84).

Bulletin of the Modern Greek Studies Association: 1 (1969) - present, in the following formats:

From 2014 on~ electronic Bulletins are accessible here —
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Issues for fall 1982 and spring 1983 combined; issues for fall 1997 and spring 1998 misnumbered "v. 30, No 2" and "v. 31, No 2," but constitute v. 29, No 2 and v. 30, No 1.

The MGSA has also archived various years of the website. You can view the site as it was in early 2008 (Note: There are many broken links in the original due to its age) or download a zipped archive of that and of most the intervening years here.