Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Kiki Gounaridou

Associate Professor
Smith College
Theatre Studies


Ph.D. 1992 University of California at Davis (Dramatic Art)

Principal Publications

Staging Nationalism. Essays on theatre and national identity. 2005.

Euripides and Alcestis: Speculations, Simulations, and Stories of Love in the Athenian Culture. 1998.

Madame La Mort and Other Plays by Rachilde.1998.

Euripides, Hecuba. 1995.

"Representations of Women in the Films of Pantelis Voulgaris". Journal of Modern Greek Studies (2000).

"Horvaths's Don Juan: An Actor in Search of His Soul". Mask and Kothurn (2000).

"Kostis Palamas's Trisevyeni and the Regendering of Nietzsche's Superman". Journal of Modern Greek Studies (1996).

Theatre Department
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

(413) 585-3214

(413) 585-3229 (F)

Areas of Specialization

Theatre History and Theory
Theatre Translation
Greek Film

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies


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