Modern Greek Studies Association

Prof. Gregory Jusdanis


Ohio State University
Department of Greek and Latin


Ph.D. 1984 Birmingham (Modern Greek)

Principal Publications

A Tremendous Thing: Friendship from the Iliad to the Internet, Cornell University Press, 2014.

Fiction Agonistes: In Defense of Literature, Stanford University Press. 2010.

The Necessary Nation, Princeton University Press, 2001.

Belated Modernity and Aesthetic Culture: Inventing National Literature, Theory and History of Literature 81, University of Minnesota Press, 1991. (Turkish translation, Metis, Istanbul, 1998.)

The Poetics of Cavafy: Textuality, Eroticism, History, Princeton University Press, 1987.


“The End of Literary Narratives?.” in Novel and Nation in the Muslim World. Literary Contributions and National Identities, Ed. Elisabeth Özdagla. Palgrave. 2015.

“World Literature and the Limits of Critical Discourse." The Savannah Review, 2013, 2, 73-84.

"Friendship in the Time of Facebook,” Athens Review of Books, Dec. 2013.

"Adiós a los clásicos: excavaciones en el modernismo” In La influencia clásica en América Latina. Ed. Carla Bocchetti. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2010.

“Two Cheers for Aesthetic Autonomy.” Cultural Critique, 2005.

“World Literature: The Unbearable Lightness of Thinking Globally.” Diaspora, 2004.

“Farewell to the Classical: Excavations in Modernity” Modernism/modernity 2004 11:1, 37-54.

"Greek Romanticism: A Cosmopolitan Discourse.” In Romantic Poetry. Ed. Angela Esterhammer. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2002 269-286.

Introduction to “Whither the Neohellenic,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies,1997 15: 2 167-75.

"Acropolis Now?" boundary 1996 2 23, 1, 185-93.

"Is Postmodernism Possible Outside the West? The Case of Greece." Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1987, 11: 69-92.

Department of Greek and Latin
Ohio State University
414 University Hall
230 N. Oval Mall
Columbus OH 43210-1319


(614) 292-2744
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Areas of Specialization

Modern Greek Literature and Culture
Critical Theory

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Introductory and Intermediate Language
Advanced Language
Greek-American Society and Culture
Greek Prose
Greek Poetry
Advanced Seminar
World Literature
Classical tradition

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