Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Maria Kaliambou

Senior Lector in Modern Greek

Yale University

Hellenic Studies Program


Ph.D. 2005, Folklore Studies/European Ethnology
University of Munich

Diploma in History and Archaeology, 1997
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Principal Publications

The Routledge Modern Greek Reader. Greek Folktales for Learning Modern Greek. Abington, Oxon, New York: Routledge, 2015

1. Heimat – Glaube – Familie. Wertevermittlung in griechischen Popularmärchen (1870-1970). [Home – Faith – Family. Transmission of Values in Greek Popular Booklets of Tales (1870-1970)]. Neuried: Ars Una (= Münchener Schriften zur Neogräzistik 3), 2006.

2. The Transformation of Folktales and Fairy Tales into Popular Booklets. Marvels & Tales. Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies 21.1, (2007): 50-64.

Hellenic Studies Program
34 Hillhouse Ave, Rm. 244
Yale University
New Haven CT 06511

T 203 436-4194
F 203 432-5963

Yale Faculty profile
Yale Modern Greek Dept.

Areas of Specialization

Folklore, Oral Literature
Children’s Literature
History of Books
Greek-American Studies

Current Projects

1) The Book Culture of Greek-Americans
2) Folklore Through Language Teaching

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek Language (all levels)
Folktales and Fairy Tales, Oral Literature, Folk Beliefs and Rituals

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