Modern Greek Studies Association

Prof. Anastasia Karakasidou

Associate Professor

Wellesley College


Ph.D. 1992 Columbia University (Anthropology)
M.A. 1983 Bryn Mawr (Archaeology)
M.A. 1981 Brandeis University (Chemistry)
B.A. 1979 Wooster (Chemistry)

Principal Publications

"Essential Differences: National Homogenation and Cultural Representation in Four Recent Works on Greek Macedonia". Current Anthropology 41.3 (2000): 415-425.

Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood: Passages to Nationhood in Greek Macedonia, 1870-1990. Chicago University Press, 1997.

"Transforming Identity, Constructing Consciousness: Coercion and Homogeny in NW Greece". In The Macedonian Question: Culture Historiography, Politics. Victor Roudometof, ed. East European Monographs (2000): 55-98.

"Vestiges of the Ottoman Past: Muslims Under Siege in Greek Thrace". Cultural Survival Quarterly 19.2 (1995): 71-75.

"Sacred Scholars, Profane Advocates". Identities 1.1 (1994): 35-61.

Anthropology Department
Wellesley College
106 Central St.
Wellesley, MA 02481


(781) 283-3199
(781) 283-3664 (F)

Areas of Specialization

Health and the environment
History and Narrative

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Peoples and cultures of the Balkans

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