Modern Greek Studies Association

Professor Martha Klironomos

Professor of English Literature

San Francisco State University


Ph.D. 1993 Ohio State University (English with specialization in Modern Greek Literature and Literary Theory)

M.A. 1987 McGill University (English)

B.A. 1982 McGill University, Joint Honours in English and Classics (Modern Greek)

Principal Publications

2018 “Nikos Kazantzakis’ Odysseia: The Epic Sequel in Modern Greek Poetry and Classical Reception.” Ch. 10 in Brill’s Companion to Prequels, Sequels and Retellings of Classical Epic, ed. Robert C. Simms. Brill’s Companions to Classical Reception Series, Vol. 15. Leiden and Boston: Brill. 189-205. [Invited].

2013 "'Uncertain Histories Shared or Alone': Memory in Postmodern Diasporic Writing." In Studia in Honorem Professoris Jacques Bouchard. [Festschrift in Honor of Prof. Jacques Bouchard.] Ed. Dorina M. Magarin. Editura Etnous: Brasov, Romania. 91-110.

2010 Review Essay. "Anne Carson's NOX: Elegy for A Lost Brother." Athens Review of Books. Issue no. 11 (October). 24-28

2009 "The Topos of Home in New Greek American Writing." Chapter 17. In Greek Diaspora and Migration since 1700. Ed. Dimitris Tziovas. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate. 241-255.

2008 "British Women Travellers to Greece, 1880-1930. " Chapter 7 in Women Writing Greece: Essays on Hellenism, Orientalism and Travel. Eds. Vassiliki Kolocotroni and Efterpi Mitsi. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 137-160.

2007 Essay entry on the 1963 Nobel Prize Laureate: "George Seferis." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Volume 322 on Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature, Part 4: Quasimodo-Yeats. Eds. Matthew J. Bruccoli and Richard Layman. 146-156.

2007 "Early Twentieth-Century British Women Travellers to Greece: Contextualizing the Example of Virginia Woolf." Proceedings from the Fifteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, College of Lewis and Clark, Portland, Oregon, June 9-12, 2005. Literature Compass 4/2: 473-485. (on-line journal by Blackwell Publishing. Web-site: Doi: 10.1111/j.1741-4113.2006.00401.x.

2006 "The Status of Modern Greek Studies in Higher Education: A Case Study on the West Coast." Special issue on "The Status of Modern Greek Studies in Higher Education in English-Speaking Countries," Ed. Stratos Constantinidis. Journal of Modern Greek Studies Vol. 24, No. 2 (May): 147-159.

2002 "Ancient anamnesis, National mneme in the Poetry of Giorgos Seferis." Special issue on "Greek Worlds, Ancient and Modern." Guest Editor: Gonda Van Steen. Journal of Modern Greek Studies Vol. 20, No. 2 (0ctober): 215-239.

2001 "The Poetics of Belonging: The Topos of 'Home' in Smaro Kamboureli's Journal in the second person." Women Writers of the Greek Diaspora: Proceedings. First Conference. Eds., Helen Nickas and Marianna Spanaki. Athens: Publication of the General Secretariat for Hellenes Abroad. 107-113; 236-241.

2001 "Literature by Writers of Hellenic Origin in Canada: An Overview." Women Writers of the Greek Diaspora: Proceedings. First Conference. Eds., Helen Nickas and Marianna Spanaki. Athens: Publication of the General Secretariat for the Greeks Abroad. 86-94; 218- 225.

1992 "George Theotokas' Free Spirit: Reconfiguring Greece's Path towards Modernity." Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora 18.1: 79-98.

2000 "H mneme sto ergo tou Giorgou Seferi." ["Memory in the Work of Giorgos Seferis."] Special issue on Giorgos Seferis. Ed. and trans. by Vrasidas Karalis. Diabazo, Greek Monthly Review of Books, no. 410 (September): 105 -111.

Dept. of English
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

(415) 338-1074

SFSU page

Areas of Specialization

Greek, British and American Modernism

Literature of the Hellenic Diaspora and Greek American Literature

Literary Theory and Nationalism

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