Modern Greek Studies Association

Prof. Ismini A. Lamb

Director and Lecturer .:. Modern Greek Studies Program

Georgetown University

Classics Department


Principal Publications

Ismini Lamb directs the Modern Greek Studies Program where she teaches all levels of Modern Greek language and courses on Greek culture, including an introduction to Byzantine History and Civilization and a course on The Orthodox Faith in Greek Culture. Ismini cultivates student appreciation of the Greek language and culture and its continuity from antiquity to the present. Her special interests include the profound influence of Greek media and political ethos on Greek national identity and expression, and social and humanitarian issues in contemporary Greece. Ismini is the long-standing advisor to Georgetown’s student Hellenic association and also a C.S. Lewis Fellow. Currently she is writing a biography of the American philhellene, author, diplomat and activist, George Horton.

Modern Greek Studies Program
Classics Dept.
Georgetown University
37th and O streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057

202-687-5659 (O)
703-314-4118 (C)

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Media Greek and Advanced Writing

The Orthodox Faith in Greek Culture

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Modern Greek

Survey of Greek Culture


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