Modern Greek Studies Association

Prof. Dia M. L. Philippides

Professor Emerita

Boston College
Department of Classical Studies


Ph.D. Princeton University (Classical Philology)
M.A. Boston College (Classics and Linguistics)
B.A. Radcliffe College (Applied Math / Computer Science)

Principal Publications

Books and CD-ROM

CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature: A Check-List of English Language Sources Useful in the Study of Modern Greek Literature (1824-1987). New Haven, CT: MGSA, 1990. Reprinted 1992. ISBN 9780912105017.

Updated version on the Web: (launched April 2022)

The ’CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature’ aims to facilitate access to Greek literature for speakers of English by providing references to all English-language translations of modern Greek literature and to all studies in English that relate to modern Greek literature from the twelfth century AD to the present.

ΕΡΩΤΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ: Του δίσκου τα γυρίσματα / EROTOKRITOS: As the Disk Spins. A CD-ROM (PC/Mac). With David Holton and John L. Dawson. Athens: Εκδοτική Ερμής (Hermes Publishing Co.), 2013. ISBN 9789603202189. With Greek and English interface. Based on the 1996-2000 book (set). Forthcoming as a website.

Του κύκλου τα γυρίσματα: ο Ερωτόκριτος σε ηλεκτρονική ανάλυση (As the Wheel Turns: Electronic Analysis of the Erotokritos). With David Holton. John Dawson, technical editor. Four volumes. Athens: Hermes Publishing Co., 1996-2000. ISBN 9789603200277 (set).

The Sacrifice of Abraham on the Computer. Athens: Hermes Publishing Co., 1986.

The Iambic Trimeter of Euripides: Selected Plays. New York: Arno Press, 1981. ISBN 9780405140488.

“Modern Greek Drama and Film”: A website with interviews, video-clips and transcripts. 

Boston College
Department of Classical Studies
Stokes 260 South
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

617-552-3661 Dept.
617-552-2588 (F)

Personal Website

Departmental Website

Areas of Specialization

Computers and Literary Analysis
Renaissance Greek Literature (Crete)
Bibliography of Modern Greek Literature

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek Drama (CORE literature and theater)

Currents in Modern Greek Literature (CORE literature)

Greece Viewed through her Films

Modern Greek Fiction (lectures and advanced seminars)

Introduction to the Modern Greek World

Computers and Modern Greek

Seminars in stylometry (at the Universities of Athens and Crete)

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