Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Elizabeth H. Prodromou

Assistant Professor, Dept. of International Relations;
Assoc. Dir., Institute on Culture, Religion & World Affairs

Boston University


Ph.D. 1993 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Political Science)
M.A. 1989 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Political Science)
M.A.L.D. 1983 The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
B.A. 1981 Tufts University (International Relations and History)

Principal Publications

"Orthodox Christianity and Pluralism: Moving Beyond Ambivalence?", in Emmanuel Clapsis, ed. Orthodoxy and Pluralism: An Ecumenical Conversation, in English and French (World Council of Churches, 2004).

"Paradigms, Power and Identity: Rediscovering Orthodoxy and Regionalizing Europe", in John Madeley, ed. Religion and Politics, series of International Library of Politics and Comparative Government (Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2003).

"Democratization and Religious Transformation in Greece: An Underappreciated Theoretical and Empirical Primer", in Paschalis Kitromilides and Thanos Veremis, eds. The Orthodox Church in a Changing World (Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, and Center for Asia Minor Studies, 1998).

"Negotiating Pluralism and Specifying Modernity in Greece: Reading Church-State Relations in the Christodoulos Period", Social Compass: International Review of Sociology of Religion, Vol. 50, No. 4 (December 2004).

"Religious Pluralism in Twenty-First-Century America: Problematizing the Implications for Orthodoxy Christianity", Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 72, No. 4 (September 2004).

"A Comment on the Formation of Historical Consciousness Amongst Adolescents: Some Insights for Political Science Scholarship", Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Vol.16, No. 2 (October 2000).

"The Strategic Imperative of Reintegrating Cyprus", Survival, Vol. 40, No. 3 (Autumn 1998).

"Paradigms, Power and Identity: Rediscovering Religion and Regionalizing Europe", European Journal of Political Research, Vol.30, No. 2 (September 1996).

"Orthodoxy, Nationalism and Political Culture in Contemporary Greece: New Approaches or Internalization of Given Paradigms?", Greek Review of Political Science, in Greek, Vol. 5 (March 1995).

"Toward an Understanding of Eastern Orthodoxy and Democracy Building in the Post-Cold War Balkans", Mediterranean Quarterly (Spring 1994).

Dept. of International Relations
Boston University
152 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215



Areas of Specialization

Comparative Politics, International Relations

Religion and Security, Democracy and Democratization, Nationalism

Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Politics of Religion, Ethnicity and Nationalism in International Relations

State-Formation and Nation-Building in Southeastern Europe: from Byzantium to Brussels

Politics and Religion in Modern Europe: Church-State Relations in Comparative Perspective

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