Modern Greek Studies Association

Prof. Grigoris M. Sifakis

A. S. Onassis Professor (retired)

New York University
The A. S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies


Ph.D. 1964 University of London (Classical Drama)
B.A. 1959 University of Athens (Philology

Principal Publications

Aristotle on the Function of Tragic Poetry. Herakleion: Crete University Press, 2001

“Formulas and Their Relatives: A Semiotic Approach to Verse Making in Homer and Modern Greek Folksongs”, The Journal of Hellenic Studies 117 (1997): 136-153

"Homeric Poetry and Modern Greek Folksong. A Second Essay". Dialogos 3 (1996).

"The One-Actor Rule in Greek Tragedy". In Stage Directions: Essays in Honor of E. W. Handley. A. Griffiths, ed. London, 1995: 13-24.

"To provlema tes prophorikotetas ste mesaionike demode grammateia". In Neograeca Medii Aevi: Proceedings of the Second International Conference. Venice, 1993: 267-284.

"The Structure of Aristophanic Comedy". Journal of Hellenic Studies 112 (1992): 123-142.

Gia mia poietike tou ellenikou demotikou tragoudiou. Herakleion: University Presses of Crete, 1988.

Parabasis and Animal Choruses: A Contribution to the History of Attic Comedy. London: Athlone Press, 1971.

New York University
The A. S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies
58 West 10th St.
New York, NY 10011


(212) 998-3986
(212) 998 3985 (F)

Areas of Specialization

Classical Drama
Greek Narrative Poetry
Modern Greek Folklore

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies


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