Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Anna Stavrakopoulou

Assistant Professor in Theatre Studies

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Department of Drama

ERASMUS co-ordinator


Ph.D. 1994 Harvard University
M.A. 1992 Harvard University
D.E.A. 1986 Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle
B.A. 1985 University of Crete

Principal Publications


G.N. Soutsos, Alexandrovodas the Unscrupulous, Introduction and Translation; Anna Stavrakopoulou (The Isis Press: Istanbul, 2012).

Modern Greek Literature: Critical Essays; co-editor with Gregory Nagy (Routledge: New York, 2003).


“Ottoman Karagöz and Greek Shadow Theater: Communicational Shifts and Variants in a Multi-ethnic and Ethnic Context”, Ruse and Wit, The Humorous in Arabic, Persian and Turkish Narrative, ed. Dominic Parviz Brookshaw, Ilex Foundation Series, Harvard University Press 2012, 146–157.

Mise Kozis: Multi-ethnic Night Strolls in Ottoman Constantinople”, in festschrift for Professor Dimitris Spathis (fall 2005). [article in Greek]

"Marriage: Recomposing a Ritual in Shadow Theater Performances" in D. Yatromanolakis and P. Roilos (eds.), Greek Ritual Poetics, Cambridge Mass., (2005).

“Moliere and Karaghiozis: The Doctor in Spite of Himself and its luck in the Greek Shadow Theatre” in Acta of 2nd Panhellenic Theater Conference: the influences of European Theater in the Neohellenic Theater, ed. Konstantza Georgakaki. Ergo, 2004, 281-289. [article in Greek]

"'Returning from Greece:' Journey and Homecoming in two contemporary Greek novels" in Modern Greek Literature: Critical Essays (Routledge, 2003).

"Tradition and Innovation: the puppeteer Dinos Theodoropoulos in Patras of the 1930's" in Acta of 1st Panhellenic Theater Conference: Greek Theater from 17th to 20th century, ed. Iossif Vivilakis. Ergo, 2002, 263-274. [article in Greek]

"The contribution of the Whitman/Rinvolucri collection to the study of Greek Shadow Theater" [article in Greek] in Kathimerini, 1/3/1999.

"Paul Auster: Idealizing Solitude" [article in Greek]. In Reumata 18, 62-67 (March-April 1994).

"Karaghiozis: Interviewing the Artists", in Laografia, vol. 10, issue 3, 7-12 (May-June 1993).


Greek Shadow Theatre: Light and History, Hellenic Historical and Research Archive (E.L.I.A.); exhibition catalogue (176p. texts+illustation captions), February 2004 (from Greek into English).

Margaret Alexiou, "Not with words alone: ritual approaches to Greek literature," Themata Logotechnias, 23, May-August 2003, 101-133 (from English into Greek).

Department of Drama
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Egnatia 122 – GR 546 22


+30 2310 99 21 51
+30 2310 99 21 26 (F)

Areas of Specialization

Modern Greek Theatre
European Theatre
Oral Tradition

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

History of Modern Greek Theatre (16th-19th centuries)

Survey of Modern Greek Theatre 1821-1922 (Graduate)

Solomos - Poems and Prose Writings (Graduate)

Advanced Modern Greek I (Theotokas, Politis, Anagnostakis)

Advanced Modern Greek II (Iordanidou, Delta, Fakinou)

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