Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Liana Theodoratou

Clinical Professor

Director, Language and Culture Programs – Hellenic Studies
Director, NYU in Athens
Director, Undergraduate Studies – Hellenic Studies
Director, Graduate Studies – Hellenic Studies
A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies


Ph.D. 1992 University of Pittsburgh (Classics)

M.A. 1985 University of Pittsburgh (Classics)

B.A. 1982 University of Athens (Classical and Modern Greek Literature)

Principal Publications

“Specters of Memory in Yannis Ritsos’s ‘Ismene,’” in (Dis)placing Classical Greek Theatre (Thessaloniki: University Studio Press, 1999): 97-103.

“Graphontas Siopes: O Manolis Anagnostakis kai o Emfylios Polemos,” in O Politis 68-69 (October 1999): 40-48.

“Poetry: Of Defeat,” in Mandragoras 25 (March-July 2001): 40-48.

“I Politiki Tis Siopis Stin Metapolimiki Elliniki Poiisi,” in O Emfylios Polemos: Apo Tin Varkiza Ston Grammo, ed. H. Nikolakopoulos, A. Rigos, N. G. Psallidas (Athens: Themelio, 2002): 287-300.

“Writing Silences: Manolis Anagnostakis and the Greek Civil War,” in The Greek Civil War: Essays on a Conflict of Exceptionalism and Silences, ed. P. Carabott and T. D. Sfikas (Aldershott: Ashgate, 2004): 239-253.

“A Small History of Statues: Yannis Ritsos and the Monuments of Memory,” in Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand): A Journal for Greek Letters, Vol. 13-14 (Fall 2006): 16-27.

New York University
A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies
285 Mercer Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003

(212) 998-3995
(212) 998-3985 (F)

Areas of Specialization

20th Century Greek Literature and Poetry
Literary Theory (Ancient and Modern)
Theory of Translation
Greek and Latin Lyric
Greek Drama (Euripides)

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Elementary Modern Greek I and II
Intermediate Modern Greek I and II
Advanced Modern Greek I and II
Introduction to Modern Greek Culture I and II
The Greek Civil War: 1944-1949
Dictatorship and Resistance: 1967-1974
Literature of the Greek Civil War
Poetry of Witnessing
Contemporary Greek Poetry
Masterpieces of Modern Greek Literature in Translation
Yannis Ritsos and the Tragic Vision
Modern Interpretations of Ancient Greek Drama
Images of Greece: The Poetry of Seferis, Elytis and Ritsos
Memory, History, and Language in Modern Greek Poetry
Contemporary Greek Women Poets
Translation Workshop
Poetics of Resistance in the Mediterranean
The City of Athens
Conversing with the Ancients
The Classical Roots of Modern Greek Poetry
Lethal Passions: Medea and her Legacies
Narrative and History in Modern Greek Prose
Classical Mythology and Literature

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