Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Trine Stauning Willert

Trine Stauning Willert
Assistant Professor

University of Copenhagen

Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies


PhD Modern Greek Studies 2006

MA Modern Greek Studies 1998

BA Modern Greek Studies 1995

Principal Publications

Retelling the Past in Contemporary Greek Literature, Film and Popular Culture. Willert, Trine S. and Gerasimus Katsan (eds.). Lexington Books. Lanham, MD. (February 2019)

New voices in Greek Orthodox Thought. Untying the Bond between Nation and Religion, Ashgate 2014 (monograph)

Innovation in the Christian Orthodox Tradition? The Question of Change in Greek Orthodox Thought and Practice,
Ashgate 2012 (collective volume, co-edited with L. Molokotos-Liederman)

Rethinking the Space for Religion. New Actors in Central and Southeast Europe on Religion, Authenticity and Belonging,
Nordic Academic Press 2012 (collective volume, co-edited with C. Raudvere and K. Stala)

Karen Blixens Vej 4, building 10
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

+45 513 007 79

Department Website

Areas of Specialization

Contemporary Greek historical novels (new area)

Contemporary Greek theological discourses

Greek primary and secondary school system

Religious education in Greece

Perceptions of ‘Europe’ in Greek (education) discourses

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

History of Greece (1800-present)

History of Greek culture and literature (1800-present)

Identity formations in contemporary Greek culture and society

Perceptions of East and West in Greece diachronically 

Religion in Greece

The historical novel in Greece

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