Modern Greek Studies Association

California State University, Sacramento


Year Program Established: 2003
Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term): 10 (all courses)

Highest Degree or Certificate Offered: Hellenic Studies Minor


Dr. Katerina Lagos, Director
Professor of History, Modern Greek History; Interwar Period

Full Time Faculty:

Nikos Lazaridis: Professor, Department of History

Andrew Hertzoff, Professor; Department of Philosophy

Jeff Brodd: Professor, Department of Humanities and Religious Studies

Brad Nystrom: Professor, Department of Humanities and Religious Studies

Serpil Atamaz, Associate Professor; Department of History

Part Time Faculty: 

Dr. George Jouganatos; Lecturer, Department of Economics


Sponsoring Departments:

History, College of Arts and Letters

Does the program offer financial support to students? Yes
Does the institution offer financial support to students? Yes

Program resources, achievements, and challenges

Senator Nicholas Petris Scholarship

Constantine Mitsotakis Graduate Scholarship

Funded by the Tsakopoulos Foundation and other donors; Program has organized seven Hellenic Studies exhibits in the past ten years (including Macedonian folk costumes, Greek iconography, WWII occupation and resistance, and recently, WWI). The major challenge of the program is the lack of research funding and faculty hires to enlarge the course offerings.

Recent initiatives in curriculum, collaborative projects, outreach, educational and research support.

Tsakopoulos Collection Research Grant

The Hellenic Studies Program has organized musical performances, conferences, and has collaborated with other universities to promote Hellenic Studies. The most recent conference events include a 50-year retrospective on the military dictatorship of 1967-74 held at Sacramento State University, a co-sponsored conference at Columbia University on "Greco-Turkish Relations and the Media", hosting the 2019 MGSA symposium, and organizing a 3-day celebration of the bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence scheduled for November 4-6, 2021.

Department of History, Tahoe 3089
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6059


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Courses Offered


None taught for 2019-2020, overhaul of language courses

Modern Greek History

"Modern Greek Culture and Language, 19th century" - 25 per term
"Modern Greek Culture and Language, 20th century" - 25 per term
"History of Modern Greece" - 45
"Mediterranean Europe" - 45

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