Modern Greek Studies Association

Columbia University


Year Program Established: 1988

Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term): 100

Level of Program Offered (and when established):

Undergraduate level elective courses (1988)

Special concentration by petition (1988)

Graduate supervision (1997)

Special concentration (2000) in Modern Greek Studies (Columbia)

Minor in Modern Greek (Barnard)


Karen Van Dyck, Kimon A. Doukas Professor of Modern Greek Language and Literature (Classics, IRWAG)

Stathis Gourgouris, Professor of Classics, English, and Comparative Literature & Society; Acting Director of the Program in Hellenic Studies

Nikolas Kakkoufa, Lecturer in Modern Greek (Classics); Director of Undergraduate Studies in Hellenic Studies

Dimitrios Antoniou, Lecturer in Modern Greek in the Department of Classics

Paraskevi Martzavou, Lecturer in the discipline of Classics (Classics)

Ioannis Mylonopoulos, Associate Professor in Art History and Archaeology; Director of Hellenic Studies (Art History & Archaeology)

John Ma, Professor of Classics (Classics)

Constantina Zanou, Assistant Professor of Italian (Department of Italian)

Mark Mazower, Ira D. Wallach Professor of World Order Studies; Director, Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination (History)

Nadia Urbinati, Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory and Hellenic Studies (Political Science)


Sponsoring Departments/Administrative Entities:

Classics Department

Anthropology Department

Blinken European Institute

Harriman Institute

History Department

Institute for Research on Women and Gender

Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

Does the program offer financial support to students? No

Does the institution offer financial support to students? Yes

Department of Classics
Columbia University
617 Hamilton Hall
1130 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027

212 851 0297
Fax: 212-854-7856

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Ioanna Messini-Skordas
Program Coordinator, Program in Hellenic Studies

Courses Offered

Language and Culture:

Introduction to Modern Greek Language and Culture (two terms)

Intermediate Modern Greek (two terms)

Modern Greek for the Bilingual Speaker
Topics Through Greek Film

The World Responds to the Greeks: Modernity, Postcoloniality, Globality

Greece at the Crossroads: Area and Interdisciplinarity

Greece and the Modern Imagination

The Greek Islands: 1600-present: Literature, Culture, and their Mythologization


Note: All seminars have a bilingual extra credit tutorial for students reading materials in the original

The Making of Modern Greek Poetry
Myth, History, and the Modern Greek Novel
Writing and Censorship
Diaspora, Translation and Greek America
Erotokritos:Literature & Society in Renaissance Crete
C.P. Cavafy: The Typography of Desire
Travelers, Exiles, Refugees in the Modern Mediterranean
The Greek Islands:1600-present: Literature, Culture & their Mythologization
Greek and Turkish Contacts: Literature & Politics

Immigration, Travel and Translation
The Politics of Poiein: Greek Poets and their Interlocutors 

The Social Function of the Short Story 

Greece and Turkey: Literature and Politics


Modern Greece-Seminar
Southern Europe-Seminar
The Balkans-Seminar
The Ottoman Empire


The Culture of Oedipus
Fluent Bodies
Europe: From Empires to Nations
Athens Imagined

Gender Studies:

Gender and Ideology in the Modern Greek Novel
Women, Sex and Politics in Turn-of-the-Century Greece


Orthodox Christianity
History of the Byzantine Empire

Additional Areas:
Independent Study; Senior Research Seminar

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