Modern Greek Studies Association

Georgia State University


Year Program Established: 2004
Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term): n/a

Highest Degree or Certificate Offered:

There will soon be a Hellenic component to our Bachelors and Masters degree programs in International Studies


Full Time Faculty:

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. (William M. Suttles Chair in Religious Studies)


Sponsoring Departments/Administrative Entities:

The GSU Global Studies Institute

Does the program offer financial support to students? Yes
Does the institution offer financial support to students? Yes

Program resources, achievements, and challenges

Recent initiatives in curriculum, collaborative projects, outreach, educational and research support. 

The GSU Center for Hellenic Studies recently hosted the 2015 Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium, October 15-18, 2015

The Center for Hellenic Studies
c/o Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.
Box 3994
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30302-3994

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

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