Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Maria Hnaraki

Director of Greek Studies
Associate Teaching Professor
Official Representative of the World Council of Cretans & Greeks Abroad

Drexel University
Department of Culture & Communication


Ph.D. 2002 Indiana University (Ethnomusicology/Folklore/Cultural Anthropology)

M.A. 1999 (Ethnomusicology/Folklore)

Diploma of Arts 1996 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (Music Studies)

Principal Publications

2013 Sing In Me, Muse, and Through Me Tell the Story, Zorba Press, Ithaca

2011 "Souls of Soil: Island identity through song". Invited book chapter in G. Baldacchino (ed.) Island Songs, Lanham MD, Scarecrow Press.

2010 "Music Passports and Customs: Ross Daly and the Cretan Lyra Transcending Borderlines". Invited chapter in the Thematic Journal: Tradition-Folklore-Identity. Sremski Karlovci: 41-68.

2010 "We Speak What We Eat: My Big Fat Greek Language". The 33rd: An Anthology. Volume 3: 239-243. College of Arts & Sciences: Drexel University; Department of English and Philosophy.

2010 "Baked Realities: Big Fat Greek Breads". Petis Propos Cullinaires 89: 35-66.

2009 "Speaking Without Words: Zorba's Dance". In the Bulletin of the Ethnographic Institute 57 (2): 25-35. Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA).

2008 "Bridging Kazantzakis's The Sacrifice and Kalomiris's The Masterbuilder". Invited chapter in Manolis Kalomiris: The Masterbuilder. Greek National Opera. Athens 2008, p. 59-62.

2007 Unfolding Ariadne's Thread. Athens: Kerkyra Publications.

2006 "Greece". The Ethnomusicologist's Cookbook. New York: Routledge Press, pp. 240-245.

2006 "Greece." The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife. London: Greenwood Press, pp. 493-501.

2006 "Speaking Without Words: Cretan Dance at Weddings as Expression, Dialogue and Communication." Folklor Edebiyat 45 (1): 93-106.

2004 "Is King Zeus Alive? Dance Mythomusicologies in the Mountainous Crete." October 2004. Arxaiologia 92: 68-75.

46 Ethnikis Antistaseos Rd.
Heraklion-Crete P.S. 71306 GREECE

30 693 205 0446

[email protected]



Areas of Specialization


  • Environmental awareness through Greek folk poetry
  • Homeric balladry and oral formulaic theory in Cretan folk poetry
  • Identity and aesthetics of Greek music/dance
  • Mediterranean performances
  • Cretan dance as physical exercise and means of attaining longevity

Literature and music

  • Nikos Kazantzakis works set to music
  • The walled-up wife legend (Iphigenia and The Bridge of Arta)
  • Contemporary Greek composers (e.g. Dimitris Mitropoulos & Giorgos Koumentakis)

Creative approaches in language education

  • Folklore aspects of the Greek language
  • Teaching Greek through songs

Taxonomy, digitization and preservation of music archives
Intercountry education, policies and strategies
Blended learning teaching practices

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Anthropology of the Mediterranean
Greek Folklore
Greek Music & Dance
Greek Literature & Poetry
Mediterranean Music Ensemble

(Summer Abroad)
Communicate in Greek: Philoxenia
Crete Through the Looking Glass
Cretan Civilization: Unraveling Ariadne's Thread
Greek and Cretan History, Economy and Society

Modern Greek language (Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced Level)

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